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Our Story

Learn more about Cornerstone Builders of The Adirondacks

Our family just celebrated 30 years living in Lake Placid.

This has been our home and this community has been our family.

We began with building custom furniture in our two- car garage which led to us opening a custom retail furniture store.

We now have the privilege of serving Lake Placid and the surrounding area as General Contractors.

Whether it is your only home, vacation home, condo, rental, boathouse or tree house let us guide you along the way to building your dream. 

Giving Back

To keep our perspective in this construction business we have had the opportunity to go to Nicaragua, Central America. Cornerstone Builders has made seven trips since 2010 building five homes, three churches, and one medical building.

The building of relationships with local carpenters and their families is the greater blessing.

This helps us to relate to our customers as we meet their building needs here.

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